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About Us- Vijay Gems Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer , Wholesaler, Exporter & Importer of : Designer Diamond Jewellery, Antique Victorian Jewellery, Loose Diamonds & Certified Solitaires.

Vijay Gems Pvt Ltd. established in 1995 has become one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and importer of Designer Diamond Jewellery. Precious Stones Studded Jewellery and Antique Victorian Jewellery.

We also deals in Loose Diamonds and certified Solitaires. We specialize in quality Jewellery making with unique design leading to customer satisfaction. Mr. Vijay Singh Verma the Manageing Director of organizations with an experience of more than 40 years believes in striving for customer's loyalty, trust & confidence through Price, Products, Quality services driven by the organisation and desire to be the best. 

We take a personal pride in displaying, quite convincingly, distinction in all of our designs. We belive that each of our jewellery must breathe life. We keep a hand in every aspects of our business, from refining designs to marketing. We want to provide a unique look with the services and salesmanship that makes you feel as special as you really are.

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Beauty Of Designing

Jewelry designing is the process of creating, crafting, producing or rendering designs for jewelry. Jewelry designing is the preliminary step to make any jewelry item. Jewelry designs are usually created or crafted by a jewelry designer, a professional who is trained in the jewelry architecture and hold functional knowledge of metallurgy and design elements such as composition and wear-ability. These designs are created on the basis of future trends and customer's taste.

Beauty of diamonds

Diamonds are assorted on the bases of size, Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Fluorescence, Polish and Symmetry Proportions.

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